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Name and PositionOffice / TelephoneEmail
Prof. Jean Jinghan CHENRoom E22-4048jeanchenemail2
Dean(853) 8822 4632
Prof. Glenn James MCCARTNEYRoom E22-4043glennmemail2
Associate Dean (Curriculum & Teaching)(853) 8822 4168
desmondyuen2Prof. Desmond Chun Yip YUENRoom E22-3069desmondyemail2
Head of Department of Accounting and Information Management(853) 8822 4752
Prof. Xinhua GU
Room E22-4067xhguemail2
Head of Department of Finance and Business Economics(853) 8822 4171
Prof. Rico Long Wai LAMRoom E22-2061ricolamemail2
Head of Department of Management and Marketing(853) 8822 8883
Dr. Robin Chi Hang CHARKRoom E22-3021rcharkemail2
Interim Head of Department of Integrated Resort and Tourism Management(853) 8822 4136
Mr. Terry Keng Lon LAMRoom E22-G033terrylamemail2
Faculty Secretary(853) 8822 8666
Name and PositionOffice / TelephoneEmail
marychai (4)Prof. Mary Lai Ping CHAIRoom E22-3043marychaiemail2
Assistant Dean (Student Affairs)(853) 8822 4169
Dr. Brenda Wing Han CHANRoom E22-3044brendacemail2
Associate Head of Department of Accounting and Information Management(853) 8822 4715
Dr. Henry Chun Kwok LEIRoom E22-4034henryleiemail2
Associate Head of Department of Finance and Business Economics(853) 8822 4717
Dr. Zenon Arthur S. UDANIRoom E22-2074zudaniemail2
Associate Head of Department of Management and Marketing(853) 8822 4665
lianzhaotong2Prof. Zhaotong LIANRoom E22-3064lianztemail2
Programme Coordinator of Accounting Information Systems
Programme Director of PhD Programme
(853) 8822 4163
jackyhongProf. Chi Ho LOI, RaymondRoom E22-2047rloiemail2
Acting Programme Director of Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)(853) 8822-8890
jackyhongProf. Jacky Fok Loi HONGRoom E22-1053fbaflhemail2
Programme Director of the Master of Business Administration Programme (MBA)
Acting Programme Director of Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)
(853) 8822 4709
Prof. Brenda Yang ZHANGRoom E22-4036yzhangemail2
Programme Director of the Bachelor of Business Administration Programme (BBA)(853) 8822 4757
adrianlei2-100Prof. Adrian Cheuk Hung LEIRoom E22-4077adrianlemail2
Programme Coordinator of Finance(853) 8822 4162
Prof. Iris Lin YUANRoom E22-2044linyuanemail2
Programme Coordinator of Global Business Management(853) 8822 4702
josephs3Dr. Joseph Adea SY-CHANGCORoom E22-2063josephsemail2
Programme Coordinator of Marketing(853) 8822 4662
Dr. Candy Mei Fung TANGRoom E22-3023candytangemail2
Programme Coordinator for the IIRM (Postgraduate) Programme(853) 8822-4704
Dr. Simon Man Shing SORoom E22-3059fbasmsemail2
Subject Convenor in Quantitative Methods(853) 8822 4659
Prof. Davis Ka Chio FONGRoom E22-2043davisfongemail2
Director of Institute for the Study of Commercial Gaming(853) 8822 4714
pcvong2Mr. Peng Chun VONGRoom E22-2001pcvongemail2
Director of Business Research and Training Center(853) 8822 4748
pcvong2Prof. Xiaoming, Rose LIURoom E22-3041xmliuemail2
Interim Co-Director of Centre for Career and Research Advancement in Integrated Resorts(853) 8822-4746
pcvong2Prof. Amy Siu Ian SORoom E22-3040amysoemail2
Interim Director, Centre for Career and Research Advancement in Integrated Resorts(853) 8822-4170
Name and PositionOffice / TelephoneEmail
robertonoronha2Dr. Roberto Antonio NORONHARoom E22-G031robertonemail2
Functional Head of General Administration(853) 8822 4665
sarahchoi2Ms. Sarah Wai In CHOIRoom E22-G036sarahcemail2
Functional Head of Postgraduate Office(853) 8822 4175
tochileung2Mr. Tochi Iao Tong LEUNGRoom E22-G031tochiitlemail2
Functional Head of Academic and Student Affairs(853) 8822 4736