Welcome to the Faculty of Business Administration (FBA), University of Macau!

FBA is a well-established full-service business school with internationally accredited credentials in teaching, research and business engagement (for example, AACSB) combined with regional characteristics. It is located in Pearl River Delta and the Great Bay Area, the most economically developed region in China and one of the most prosperous areas in Asia. It is a distinctive flagship business school with key responsibilities in business and management education and nurturing the leadership talents for the development of Macau and beyond as its mission states.

FBA provides education in both traditional and emerging subjects in business and management, ranging from Accounting, Finance, Business Economics, Information System Management, general Management, to specialised Integrated Resort Management. Our programmes are delivered at all levels of higher education including Undergraduate, Postgraduate, PhD, MBA, EMBA, DBA and Executive Education. Moreover, we strongly encourage cross-disciplinary teaching, learning and research both within the University and internationally to enhance innovation and career development for our students and academics alike.

FBA has a diverse international business outlook with around 12 nationalities represented amongst about 150 outstanding internationally recruited academic faculty and professional support staff. There are about 3000 students currently studying in our fantastic campus which has been equipped with world-class facilities. The University and FBA operate in a multilingual and multicultural environment with a strong global emphasis. We offer exchange programmes and internships with around 50 academic institutions and industries around the world.

Recent years saw remarkable development and expansion of the University. The University has been taking initiatives in comprehensive and structural reforms as it enters a new era of unprecedented growth. Similarly, FBA has made tremendous inroads in achieving its goal of becoming a leading business school in the world. We have already created significant impact on the business community and the society we serve through bridging the East and West, delivering student-centred education, conducting impact-orientated research, and acting as a catalyst for innovation and sustainable development. We are on our way to becoming a top model international business school on the global stage.

On behalf of FBA, I would like to invite you to browse our website to get a deeper understanding of our academic programmes, our achievements and latest developments.

Dean and Chair Professor in Accounting and Finance
Director of Business Research and Training Center (BRTC)