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On Campus Bookstore:

Integrated Bookstore of Plaza Cultural Macau, LDA.

Address: Room G005, Ground Floor, Southern Wing of Wu Yee Sun Library E2
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday: 09:30am to 6:30pm

Other than selling books, stationery, light snacks and drinks. Creative cultural products, UM souvenirs are also available for sale in the future.
Present University of Macau campus card to enjoy 10% off whilst shop at the bookstore.

Academic & Professional Book Centre (A&P) 

Academic & Professional Book Centre (Macau) has been closed on 31 August, 2017. However, textbook order will be available at below website, starting from 21 August, 2017. For any online textbook orders in 1stsemester 2017/2018, Academic & Professional Book Centre (Macau) will provide complimentary delivery service.