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Internship and Career Opportunities2018-11-26T11:38:49+08:00

There are some career activities and internship opportunities provided by the partners or outside parties of Faculty of Business Administration. All the students from FBA are welcomed to take part in the internship for gaining more social experience and achieve the knowledge from classes.

For more details of University-wide internship opportunities, please refer to Internship Arrangement of Student Affairs Office.

For more details of University-wide career development, please refer to UM Job-hunting Platform.

Programme Required InternshipsDetailsContact
BSc in Accounting ProgrammeHEREMs. Kaman AO (Email: kamanao) /
Mr. Kevin WONG (Email: kevinwong)
BSc in Hospitality and Gaming Management Programme /
BSc in International Integrated Resort Management
HEREMs. Christine KUONG (Email: lskuong)
MSc in International Integrated Resort ManagementMs. Lilian LAO (Email: lilianlao)