Our academic advisors would provide general advice to students on study plan, course selection and study methods. You may contact the advisor of your programme for advices.

Academic Advisors (Undergraduate Programmes)

Bachelor of Science in AccountingSpecialization in Professional AccountancyProf. Desmond YUENdesmondy
(853) 8822 4752
Bachelor of Science in FinanceSpecialization in FinanceProf. Adrian LEIadrianl
(853) 8822 4162
Bachelor of Science in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics (BIDA)Specialization in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics (BIDA)Prof. Anthony Heng TANGhengtang
(853) 8822 4172
Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Gaming Management /
Bachelor of Science in International Integrated Resort Management
Specialization in Convention and Hospitality ManagementProf. Robin CHARK
Prof. Yeongbae CHOE
(853) 8822 4136
(853) 8822 4626
Specialization in Gaming Management
Bachelor of Business AdministrationGeneral Business StudiesProf. Zhuo QIAOzhuoqiao
(853) 8822 4653
Major in Business EconomicsProf. Prof. Guoqiang LIgqli
(853) 8822 4165
Major in Business Economics with specialization in Service Economics
Major in Financial ControllershipProf. Desmond YUENdesmondy
(853) 8822 4752
Prof. Prof. Guoqiang LIgqli
(853) 8822 4165
Major in Global Business ManagementProf. Javier Calero CUERVOjcuervo
(853) 8822 4721
Major in Human Resource ManagementProf. Jacky Fok Loi HONGfbaflh
(853) 8822 4709
Major in MarketingProf. Lancy Vai Iun MAClancymac
(853) 8822 4758
Major in Marketing with specialization in Retail and Services Marketing