FBA General Office Administration

NameMajor ResponsibilitiesOfficeTelephoneEmail
Terry Keng Lon LAMFaculty SecretaryE22-4048(853) 8822 8666terrylam
Roberto Antonio NORONHAFunctional Head of General AdministrationE22-G031(853) 8822 4665roberton
Tochi Iao Tong LEUNGFunctional Head of Academic and Student Affairs
Liaison to Bachelor of Business Administration Programme
E22-G031(853) 8822 4736tochiitl
Jennifer Ka Man LAOFunctional Head of Postgraduate Programmes
Liaison to PhD in Business Administration Programme
Liaison to Master of Science in Accounting Programme
E22-G031(853) 8822 4656jenniferlao
Sandy Lai Meng HOIDean’s SecretaryE22-4047(853) 8822 4724sandyhoi
Carla LEONGSecretary of Associate Deans’ OfficeE22-4044(853) 8822 4183carlaleong
Amy Pui Hang HOLiaison to Master of Business Administration ProgrammeE22-G031(853) 8822 4607amyho
Triss Yongxin LIANGLiaison to Executive Master of Business Administration Programme
Internship programmes
E22-G031(853) 8822 4637trissliang
Kelmen Hio Man YEUNGLiaison to Master of Science in Finance ProgrammeE22-G031(853) 8822 4799kelmenyeung
Candy Ka Wai LAMLiaison to Master of Science in International Integrated Resort Management ProgrammeE22-G031(853) 8822 9957candykwlam
Shirley Weng Ian CHANSecretary of Department of Accounting and Information ManagementE22-G031(853) 8822 4747shirleychan
Tina Teng Na SISecretary of Department of Finance and Business EconomicsE22-4067(853) 8822 9949tinasi
Michelle Lai San KUANSecretary of Department of Management and MarketingE22-2072(853) 8822 4649michellekuan
Joseph Chon Loi CHEANGSecretary of Department of Integrated Resort and Tourism ManagementE22-G031(853) 8822 4731josephcheang
Christine Lai San KUONGLiaison to Bachelor of Science in Business Intelligence and Data AnalyticsE22-G031(853) 8822 4737lskuong
Sally Man Cheng MUIAdministrative StaffE22-4045(853) 8822 4734sallymui
Denise Ka Man CHOYLiaison to Incoming Exchange ProgrammeE22-4045(853) 8822 4729denisec
Karen Ka Wan LAULiaison to Outgoing Exchange ProgrammeE22-G031(853) 8822 4628karenlau
Pinky Iok I WONGAsset Management and Academic SupportE22-G031(853) 8822 4735pinkyw
Rex Chong Hou CHANEvents and Special ProjectsE22-4030(853) 8822 4732rexchchan
Peggy Ka Pui CheangAdministrative StaffE22-4029(852) 8822 4621peggycheang
Kevin Kam Weng WONGLiaison to Doctor of Business Administration ProgrammeE22-4031(853) 8822 4723kevinwong
Sterling Hei In CHAOIT Support and Special ProjectsE22-4030(853) 8822 8892sterlingchao
Debby Ka I LEIAccreditation Officer and Special ProjectsE22-G031(853) 8822 4654debbylei
Albee Ho Ieng CHAN
Administrative StaffE22-G031(853) 8822 4716albeechan
Ion Chun LEONGOffice AttendantE22-G031(853) 8822 4664icleong
João Paulo CHANInformation Technology TechnicianE22-G031(853) 8822 8413toutchan

Institute for the Study of Commercial Gaming (ISCG)

NameMajor ResponsibilitiesOfficeTelephoneEmail
Tiffany Kit Peng LAMSenior Research OfficerE22-2040(853) 8822 4174tiffanylam
Bernadette OZORIOSenior Research OfficerE22-2039(853) 8822 4739bozorio
Raymond Pui Lam TUNGResearch OfficerE22-2042(853) 8822 4666raytung
Lina NGSenior Administrative AssistantE22-2038(853) 8822 4184linang
Mark Man Kit LEISenior Administrative AssistantE22-2035(853) 8822 4193marklei
Melanie Hei Lam KOKSecretary / Senior Administrative AssistantE22-2035(853) 8822 4719melaniekok

Business Research and Training Center (BRTC)

NameMajor ResponsibilitiesOfficeTelephoneEmail
Beatriz Maria CANDIDO– Consulting Services
– Professional Education
– Project Coordination
– General Administration & Budgeting
E22-4044(853) 8822 4743beatrizcandido

Centre for Tourism and Integrated Resort Studies (CTIRS)

NameMajor ResponsibilitiesOfficeTelephoneEmail
Jason Lun Fai TANGAdministrative OfficerE22-2036(853) 8822 8871jasontang