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Business Economics



International Integrated Resort Management

Business Intelligence and Analytics

2604, 2024

FBA Seminar Series: “The Interplay of Ad Headline-Keyword Congruence and Ad Position in Consumers’ Responses to Search Advertisements and Promoted Brands” by Prof. Daniel LEUNG

1804, 2024

FBA Seminar Series: “Do firms respond to calls for environmental improvements made by retail investor? Evidence from pollution appeals on investor platforms in China” by Prof. Shubo ZHANG

1804, 2024

FBA Seminar Series: “Does AI make us more lazy and less creative? An empirical study of social loafing in human-AI collaborative terms” by Prof. Patrick CHAU

1902, 2024

FBA Seminar Series: “The value of financial statements in predicting the innovation potential of SMEs in science and technology: a machine learning approach” by Prof. Bin KE

2601, 2024

FBA Seminar Series: “Mapping the landscape of research on job design and employee well-being: The contingency between context, job, and jobholders” by Prof. Jia Lin XIE

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