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Business Economics



International Integrated Resort Management

Business Intelligence and Analytics

1501, 2024

FBA Seminar Series: “Neighbors as Strangers or Friends? How Consumer’s Self-Construal Affects the Weight of Neighbor Information in Residence Decisions” by Dr. Linying (Sophie) FAN

2308, 2023

FBA Seminar Series: “Quantifying the Effect of Visual and Content Features on Social Media Engagement with Marketer Generated Content” by Prof. Chu (Ivy) DANG

1205, 2023

FBA Seminar Series: “Boosting Strengths or Fixing Weaknesses? A Preference Mismatch between Product Providers and Choosers in Product Improvement Decisions” by Prof. Yanping TU

2303, 2023

FBA Seminar Series: “The Fundamental Recruitment Error: Candidate-Recruiter Discrepancy in Their Relative Valuation of Innate Talent versus Hard Work” by Prof. Kao SI

1210, 2022

FBA Seminar Series: “The Token-Effort Effect: How Minimal Redemption Effort Increases Price Promotion Effectiveness Over Straight Discounts” by Prof. Kuangjie ZHANG