Distinction and Leadership through Teaching Excellence & Student Engagement

Established in the region, and recognised globally, FBA maintains its’ focus on teaching excellence and student engagement. Learning at FBA provides excellent opportunities for students to challenge him or herself, to broaden their views of the world, be curious, and ensure that they have both the knowledge and skill to prepare them for their career of choice upon graduation. The faculty’s acclaimed teaching distinction is achieved through;

  • Global recognition – with AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS accreditations, students learn with a team of professional and leading academics in their various business fields.
  • Flagship programmes – students get to learn within distinct flagship programmes. Our accounts programmes have the most professional accreditations exemptions in the Greater Bay Area, while our international integrated resort management programmes are a global first.
  • Real-world application – students are presented with industry applications, engagement with industry, and real-life business phenomena throughout their time at FBA.
  • Dynamic curricula – frequent curriculum reviews ensure that edits and revisions remain current, cutting edge, and of relevance to future employer and industry needs.


Innovative Teaching and Learning

At FBA we provide a student-centre learning approach, with a priority on student learning enhancement through innovative teaching methods and industry engagement, both in the classroom and between teaching sessions. A ‘Teaching and Learning Strategy’ provides the roadmap and guidance to teaching delivery excellence, monitoring student experiences, and ensuring that curricula are kept current and innovative.

Our teaching philosophy and delivery focus on the following areas:

  • Creating and instilling critical thinking – course content and assessment modes are specifically designed to create opportunities for students to challenge his or herself, and to think of innovative solutions and processes to solve class assignments and projects.
  • Blended learning – the student learning experience is further enhanced using a mix of the physical classroom setting and learning technologies. We engage the student outside the classroom with several technologies to reinforce classroom teaching efforts.
  • Multidisciplinary courses – with numerous courses on offer, be it in finance, accounts, hospitality, marketing or management, this enables student to better select from a range of options to tailor the degree programme best suited for them.
  • Global and regional trends – degrees and course content are regularly reviewed and updated with current business trends and technologies, which have recently included for example advances in big data, data analytics, corporate social responsibility, and green finance.
  • Course content with high industry engagement and partnership at the centre – course content will include various industry links such as industry speakers, site inspections, and industry presentations. Our regular discussions with industry ensure that curriculum is updated to present students with real-life case studies and challenges.
  • Market relevance and increased employability – looking at learning outcomes, it is essential that students are equipped with the skills and knowledge sets to advance in their career of choice either locally, regionally, or globally.
  • Accreditation alignment – our curricula updates, learning outcomes, and subsequent student experience are all linked to our numerous global and regional recognitions and accreditations, both at faculty and course level.
  • Student feedback – as well as a semester feedback, students and student representatives will regularly meet with faculty members and management to discuss teaching and learning goals, challenges, and areas of improvement.
  • Regular training – whether within the university or externally, our faculty remain up-to-date on current best teaching practices, curricula and course design, and teaching delivery methods.