1106, 2024

UM Distinguished Visiting Scholar Seminar “A New Test for high dimensional two-sample mean problems with consideration of correlation structure” by Prof. Runze LI

706, 2024

FBA Seminar Series: “When Evaluation is Anchored: Contrasting Responses of Consumers and the State to Category-Spanning Films in China” by Prof. Ying LI

706, 2024

UM Distinguished Visiting Scholar Seminar “To Dissimulate or Not to Dissimulate? Insider Trading When Anticipating Future Information” by Prof. Liyan YANG

3005, 2024

FBA Seminar Series: “Culture and Cognitive Social Network: The Combination of Interdependent Cultural Orientations and Denser Egocentric Networks Leads to a Stronger Sense of Fit” by Prof. Xi ZOU

2405, 2024

FBA Seminar Series: “The Paradox of a Pandemic: How Infectious and Restriction Saliences Shape Consumer Food Waste Behaviors” by Prof. Huachao GAO

905, 2024

FBA Seminar Series: “Doubly Robust Identification of Causal Effects of a Continuous Treatment using Discrete Instruments” by Prof. Yingying DONG

2604, 2024

FBA Seminar Series: “The Interplay of Ad Headline-Keyword Congruence and Ad Position in Consumers’ Responses to Search Advertisements and Promoted Brands” by Prof. Daniel LEUNG

1804, 2024

FBA Seminar Series: “Do firms respond to calls for environmental improvements made by retail investor? Evidence from pollution appeals on investor platforms in China” by Prof. Shubo ZHANG

1804, 2024

FBA Seminar Series: “Does AI make us more lazy and less creative? An empirical study of social loafing in human-AI collaborative terms” by Prof. Patrick CHAU

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