3011, 2022

FBA Seminar Series: “When Expectations of Implicit Government Debt Guarantees Diminished, Do Retail Stock Investors Run Away?” by Prof. Joe Hong ZOU

3011, 2022

FBA Distinguished Scholar Seminar “Does Bond Market Believe Liability-Equity Classification of Hybrid Financial Instruments? Evidence from the Perpetual Bonds” by Prof. Junsheng ZHANG

2311, 2022

FBA Seminar Series: “Return of the Movie Night? Analyzing the Impact of Netflix Subscriptions on Offline Movie Spending” by Prof. Hyeokkoo Eric KWON

911, 2022

FBA Seminar Series: “Abusive CEOs Kill Firm Innovation in Turbulent Environment: A Moderated Mediation Model of the CEO-TMT Interface” by Prof. Ho Kwong KWAN

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