712, 2023

FBA Seminar Series: “Does Financial Information Presentation Format Matter? Evidence from Research and Development Expense Reporting” by Prof. Wei SUN

2811, 2023

UM Distinguished Visiting Scholar Series “Discontinuous Distribution of Test Statistics Around Significance Thresholds in Empirical Accounting Studies” by Prof. Xin CHANG

311, 2023

FBA Seminar Series: “Willingness-to-pay for a Haze Adaptation Programme and a Haze Eradication Programme in Singapore: The 2015 Transboundary Haze” by Prof. Chia Wai Mun

311, 2023

FBA Seminar Series: “Emerging Issues in Person-Environment Fit and Human Resource Management in the Tourism Sector” by Prof. Yanjun GUAN

2510, 2023

FBA Seminar Series: “When do transnational institutions matter for multinational corporations’ location choices?” by Prof. Christine, Man Kuen CHAN

1610, 2023

澳門大學工商管理學院商業提案比賽 – 澳門明愛社會企業健行旅行社 UM FBA Business Consultancy Competition – The Social Enterprise Accessible Travel Agency of Caritas Macau

1310, 2023

FBA Seminar Series: “Flight to Environmental, Social, and Governance Transparency: Evidence from Foreign Government Procurement Contracts” by Dr. Yi XIANG

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