1902, 2024

FBA Seminar Series: “The value of financial statements in predicting the innovation potential of SMEs in science and technology: a machine learning approach” by Prof. Bin KE

2601, 2024

FBA Seminar Series: “Mapping the landscape of research on job design and employee well-being: The contingency between context, job, and jobholders” by Prof. Jia Lin XIE

1501, 2024

FBA Seminar Series: “Neighbors as Strangers or Friends? How Consumer’s Self-Construal Affects the Weight of Neighbor Information in Residence Decisions” by Dr. Linying (Sophie) FAN

712, 2023

FBA Seminar Series: “Does Financial Information Presentation Format Matter? Evidence from Research and Development Expense Reporting” by Prof. Wei SUN

2811, 2023

UM Distinguished Visiting Scholar Series “Discontinuous Distribution of Test Statistics Around Significance Thresholds in Empirical Accounting Studies” by Prof. Xin CHANG

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