The Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) seeks to establish a solid reputation as a centre for business, management, and administration education. It has a full-time and part-time complement of qualified people teaching in the areas of accounting, business economics, business information systems, decision sciences, finance, financial controllership, global business management, human resource management, international integrated resort management, and marketing. In general terms, and within the context of the aims, goals and objectives of the advanced education sector as defined by the Government of Macau.

Facts and Figures

Current Students (As at 10/2018)

Total students of FBA: 2688

Bachelor’s Degree: 2268 – 84%
Master’s Degree: 365 – 14%
Doctoral Degree: 55 – 2%

Current Academic Staff (As at 8/2020)

Total full-time academic staff of FBA: 99

Chair Professor: 2
Distinguished Professor: 0
Professor: 10
Associate Professor: 40
Assistant Professor: 32
Senior Instructor: 15
Lecturer(UM Macao Fellow): 0

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