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The objective is to foster staff development as providing resources to build the ability of staff to meet the goals of the faculty. It also creates a collaborative working relationship among faculty members. Staff development has the goals for the development of skills, competencies and personal qualities that will provide the potential for better job performance and satisfaction. Staff Development plans, coordinates and provides financial support for a variety of activities that engages faculty members in an active and creative intellectual life.

  1. To demonstrate the Faculty’s commitment for supporting our colleagues’ career development;
  2. To provide a platform of supporting excellence in teaching and learning and professional development; and
  3. To facilitate a strong collaborative corporate culture.


  1. To facilitate enrolment in formal, courses or workshops;
  2. To pursuit certificates, accreditations or other credentials through educational programs (e.g CIMA and CFA programmes);
  3. To participate in training programme offered by professional organizations;
  4. To attend local, regional, national, and international meetings, conferences and workshops sponsored by professional organizations; and
  5. To share best practice in curriculum development, teaching and learning, research and professional development.