BRTC : 2022

青年商匯系列講座 – 青年創業知多D順利舉行
Apr 29 | Fri

現今青年人極具創新精神,再加上有熱忱和衝勁,致使近年創業有年輕化的趨勢,但創業起步艱難,期望透過本地成功創業的講者分享,提升校友、學生及青年對創業的了解及實務知識,澳門大學工商管理學院與澳門大學工商管理學院校友會於2022年4月23日舉辦了 ...

Recruitment of UM Macao Fellow in Business Administration
Apr 08 | Fri

UM Macao Fellow in Business Administration Recruitment - Being a public university that bears a mission to serve the local community and the region, UM is committed to recruiting, nurturing and retaining qualified local talents as part of its efforts to contribute to Macao’s future development. FBA plans to attract promising Macao natives to build a successful academic career at UM.