Summary of the Programme

In today’s business world, Human Resource Management (HRM) is a key managerial function for sustaining organizational success. BBA in HRM provides students with appropriate skills and techniques for managing employees in organizations. Students in this major will take courses in various HRM areas including planning and staffing, training and development, performance and compensation management, employee relations, strategic HRM, etc. As long as the profession requires human interaction, the knowledge and skills acquired by graduates of this major will be applicable.

Why HR Major?

No organizations can thrive without engaged and skilled employees. It is the Human Resources professionals who are responsible for creating this engaged and skilled workforce, by finding the best talents, providing the training they need to maximize skills, creating attractive compensation plans to keep them motivated, etc.

This program will help you gain insights into human behavior and organizational development, which are essential in developing a career in an important and growing field – People management. You will be able to build the key competencies in understanding and working with people, and contributing to organization’s success.

HR Curriculum

Some of the courses offered are:

  • Human Resources Planning and Staffing
  • Human Resources Management
  • Performance and Compensation Management
  • Research Methods
  • Training and Development
  • For full list of courses please visit BBA in Human Resource Management curriculum

For more information about study plan, please refer to our study plan.

Career prospect and further studies

People management is one of the most sought-after skills by employers. The skills and knowledge gained from this program are applicable to various professions that require human interaction.  Typical career opportunities include:

  • HR specialists/managers
  • Training and development specialists/managers
  • Compensation and benefits specialists/managers
  • Labor relations specialists
  • Business consultants

A career in human resources is never boring. It allows you to work with different types of professionals and most importantly, it is a meaningful career that you are able to create a significant impact on their life.

HRM teaches me not only to discover and develop individual capacity but also to boost the greatest synergy of a group. I am glad to achieve HRM skills through the program and thus being the catalyst on business success.

Cindy Cheng, Graduate of 2019

I was benefitted from Human Resources Management program with well-structured syllabus, and the dedicated professors. It provided me a strong foundation of knowledge, allowing me to understand the full cycle of HR functions before entering my career journey.

Eugene, YAP JUIN YIN, Graduate of 2019

I appreciate the education from HR Major that inspires my growth both intellectually and spiritually. I’m ready for each new challenge by transforming all I’ve experienced.

Sammi Ng, Graduate of 2013

The experience sharing and teaching methods from the professors allowed for practical application to the work that I am doing, and I can also apply the skills and knowledge to current challenges and work to make theories to become reality.

Daniel Cheong, Graduate of 2009


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