Because GBM allows students to understand the challenges of managing diversity in business organizations and to be capable of adapting and advancing in an integrated, complex, and dynamic world.


The GBM program aims to prepare students with the necessary skills, knowledge, attitudes, and mindset for entering and sustaining careers in multinational corporations.

The core knowledge and skills that are part of the learning outcomes include: (1) strategic and adaptive thinking (2) problem solving and decision-making (3) creativity (4) appreciation of diverse cultures; and (6) teamwork.

GBM is for students to Explore, Enhance, and Engage. Exploring the diverse cultural, economic, socio-political, geographic, and financial factors affecting organizations, GBM students’ globally oriented mindset are Enhanced with a breath of perspective allowing them to Engage with the various functional specializations in organizations, such as in marketing, human resource management, operations, and finance.

The courses offered in the GBM program are found in our study plan.


The GBM curriculum cultivates a way of thinking that enables graduates to be agile and flexible for diverse careers, organizations, and environments. Graduates from GBM and from the previously named International Business (IB) major work with various types of organizations, such as:

  • Multinational corporations like Novartis, CBRE (Boston), LV, City Super Ltd (HK), Materialise Malaysia (PJ, Selangor), and Gucci (HK).
  • Financial Institutions (China International Capital Corporation (CICC), HSBC, BNU, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, China Securities Co. Ltd , Luso International Banking Limited, AIA)
  • State-owned Enterprises (Sinochem Oil, China National Petroleum Corporation (Dubai), and Air Macau)
  • Integrated Resorts in Macau (SJM, Galaxy, Sands, MGM, City of Dreams, and Wynn)
  • Macau government organizations, such as MGTO, IPIM, Labour Affairs Bureau, ICM, and the The Commission of Audit (COA).
  • Non-government organizations (NGOs), such as Oxfam (Hong Kong), and MAPEAL (Macau), and Match Charity (Shanghai).
  • Jobscall.me and 微辣 Manner

Carol Wong (graduated in 2023)

Tony Shoong (graduated in 2023)

Thando Jesse Seuane (graduated in 2023)

Vanessa Leong (graduated in 2021)

Wen Hai-Ching (graduated in 2021)

Frank Lin (graduated in 2011)

…many people work in a field that is different from their college major, but an excellent adaptation and internationalized open mind would provide you a solid foundation and push you to go further in whatever you would be doing in your career.

Huang HUANG , Graduate of 2008

GBM major has expanded my horizon, and also gives my confidence to talk and present to people over the world. After graduated, I made up my mind and went to France to pursue master degree with no doubt thanks to the courses I have taken in GBM major and the professional professors which helped me a lot in UM.

Vicky LAI , Graduate of 2018

GBM major would rise up your awareness of the culture differences in your career life.  By noticing the culture differences, it could provide you one more angle to solve problems or provide solutions that can avoid touching taboos and norms especially when you are working with people from different countries or culture backgrounds.  This advantage will also help you to become one of the indispensable role in your team.

David WANG, Graduate of 2013

Global business management has helped me develop academically by covering several areas of studies and even though it might not be as specialized, it provides a wider range of options to choose from once entering the workforce. But more importantly, it offered the environment to improve interpersonal skills as well as to being more open minded and aware of what’s happening around me.

Victor KAM , Graduate of 2017

The most valuable gains from GBM study include understanding how cultural differences shape people (i.e., communications, needs, and working modes) and how globalization changes the world.  Apart from enhancing understanding toward global business, independent learning also enables me to become a fast learner in work-life.

Daisy Jiang, Graduate of 2019

…influenced me a lot in terms of international vision, cultural differences, negotiation skills, international organization management.

Pammy Sio, Graduate of 2009

Before I was enrolled in the University of Macau, I had already made up my mind to join a large state-owned enterprise and become a manager in the future. There is no doubt that the GBM course of business administration in the University of Macau lay a solid knowledge reserve and skill foundation for my upcoming career.

Fenix He, Graduate of 2021

Through different multinational companies’ case study discussion, I have developed analytical, problem-solving and communication skills which will be considered as advantages for my career.

Kitty Chong, Graduate of 2020

Through the overall understanding of corporate panoramic management that I learned from GBM lectures, I found that data analytics is a significant tool to make your GBM strategic decision more efficient and effective. Currently I am studying at HKU for my master program and doing as a data analytics intern in Artificial Intelligence in the XiaoMi company. During my work, it's essential to have a well commercial awareness given by GBM lectures while dealing with the data.

Hatty Chan, Graduate of 2019

During the exchange semester in Germany, I gained a lot and found my way to further study in a mixed area between technology and financial management. To me, the international atmosphere of UM& FBA provided a great platform. If one has the curiosity and love of different countries and diversified cultures, GBM surely will be a perfect choice!"

Mary Zhao Yucheng, Graduate of 2020

IB students usually speak English well and we have the global vision. IB students have the sense in thinking and behaving in cross-cultural environments.

Darren SHI, Graduate of 2007

GBM students learn much about cultural differences and the way to handle such differences. …we can look at things at different levels and different faces – a higher level of tolerance always increase your openness to learn …being a GBM student…will also bring something new back to UM – a positive influence.

Stephanie U, Graduate of 2016

Thanks to what I learned in IB, I managed to move between the private, public and NGO sectors at ease and adapt to the workplace in Macau, Switzerland and Hong Kong fast.

Crystal Lam, Graduate of 2007

I gained a lot of experience in corporate and economic analyses in GBM.

Paco Chan, Graduate of 2014

…GBM provided me with a foundation …which are very helpful for event management. Leadership, teamwork, marketing, communication skills, management skills, time management are all needed for events…

Betty Ho, Graduate of 2015

GBM provided me with the avenues to learn business fundamentals from a global perspective and natured my inquisitive mindset. The numerous conversations and presentations about competitive advantages of successful multinational companies also sparked my interest in pursuing a career with a company that has a strong global presence.

Vanessa Leong, Graduate of 2021

In Chinese, we always say ‘attitude determines your height’.  Can-Do attitude, adaptability, mobility and being tough is what I learn in IB. That allows me to be different from others.

Beatrice Leong, Graduate of 2006

…it provided me an opportunity to explore and equip with the knowledge in various fields… These bundled knowledge enriched me the capabilities to be employed..

Althea Lao, Graduate of 2010

The most valuable things I learn from IB is to evaluate risk and also to face it. There is always risk to leave your home and put yourself into a discomfort zone, but once you did it, you will find your world a whole lot bigger.

Jeffrey Moy, Graduate of 2012


Prof. Javier Calero CUERVO
Programme Coordinator of Global Business Management
Office: E22-2064
Tel: (853) 8822 4721
Email: jcuervo@um.edu.mo

Ms. Michelle Lai San KUAN
Secretary of Department of Management and Marketing
Office: E22-2072
Tel: (853) 8822 4649
Email: michellekuan@um.edu.mo