The Bachelor of Science in International Integrated Resort Management (formerly named as Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Gaming Management) aims to provide students an opportunity to learn both gaming and non-gaming operations within the context of an integrated resort. Students will be able to apply the integrated resort knowledge anywhere in the world and particularly within the region where integrated resort development is a hot trend in the gaming industry.

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate decision-making and corporate strategy formation skills by integrating theoretical knowledge with practical applications.
  • Take up strategic decision-making roles in an integrated resort/tourism destination and cope with the everchanging demand of the industry.
  • Identify the issues in a business environment and apply well-rounded business knowledge and skills in problem-solving.
  • Analyze and solve integrated resort, hospitality and tourism related problems in the daily workplace.

About the Hospitality and Gaming Industry

The hospitality industry is the world’s largest employer, with extensive job opportunities available both locally and globally. The term “hospitality” connotes a sense of welcome and taking care of guests.  The hospitality industry thus comprises sectors that build their businesses on taking care of and satisfying guests’ needs and expectations when travelling. Tourism, hotels, resorts, clubs, gaming, food service, MICE (meeting, incentive travel, conventions, and exhibitions), retail, airlines, and cruises are some of the key sectors in the hospitality industry. The gaming industry includes any business that provides, owns, operates, or engages in lawful gambling activities and in facilities related to gaming and leisure. The gaming entertainment industry often converges with other aspects of the hospitality business.

Be the Very First to Gain a Degree in the Area

Although the global gaming and hospitality sectors are expanding at an unprecedented pace, few academic organizations in Macau and Asia offer University degrees qualifying students in this combined area (i.e., in integrated resort management).

Begin the Journey to Excellence

  1. Students will earn lifelong and valuable experiences by joining the study mission (e.g., to Las Vegas, Nevada) and participating in the various internship programmes offered by the Faculty.
  2. Students will receive in-depth training in the various aspects of integrated resort operations, paving the way for lucrative employment in a variety of capacities.
  3. Students will become one of the most competitive and qualified candidates of this consistently growing industry when they graduate.

Partake in a Family-like Study Environment and Engage with Professional Faculty Members

We accept only a limited number of students each year in order to control the quality of the programme. Therefore, students admitted to our programme will receive full attention from the International Integrated Resort Management faculty members. Our faculty members will also provide students with personal and career advancement advice on a regular basis. All our core faculty members have doctoral degrees from top universities around the world. including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Mainland China.

General Course Description

Year 1 – General Education

The first year introduce students to various general business courses and general education (GE) courses. The purpose of introducing GE courses is to develop students’ independent thinking ability, increase their exposure to different subjects, assist them to integrate knowledge from different fields, encourage them to show concern for the major issue facing society, and enhance their competitiveness, thereby realizing the objective of whole-person education.

Year 2 – Selection of Stream

In the second year, students will decide which stream (Convention and Hospitality Management / Gaming Management) to major. Students will develop their knowledge and skills through a range of core and elective modules. At this stage, students are able to learn the essential managerial skills to succeed in their future careers. The Modules are designed to offer students a sound base for work placements that involves critical thinking and strategic planning.

Year 3 – Internship & Study Mission

In the third year, students will undertake their internship programmes and be given the chance to go on a study mission to other countries. Students will be able to earn lifelong and valuable experiences from these programmes, which will benefit them in the future. In addition, students will learn about legislative rules and compliance in the gaming and hospitality industry.

Year 4 – Lifelong Experiences

In the fourth and final year, students further develop their knowledge and critical skills. They will take part in practical projects that provide them the opportunity and pursue specific interests through a significant research-based exercise. A range of other core and elective topics are also available to students according to their interest.

For details of the programme, please refer to HERE.


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Secretary of Department of Integrated Resort and Tourism Management
Office: E22-3026a
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