Programme Introduction

As a leading university in Macau and a highly regarded university in the Asia-Pacific region, the Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) offers a specialized Bachelor of Science in Finance. The Bachelor of Science in Finance is a 4-year programme, covering finance, economics, mathematics, statistics and programing techniques.

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes

  •  Identify financial problems faced by investors and financial managers.
  • Develop financial models to resolve elementary financial problems.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of ethical issues in professional conduct in finance.
  • Conduct elementary academic and applied case studies in finance.

Programme Objectives

The Bachelor of Science in Finance programme aims to meet employers’ rising expectations and requirements. It also aims to provide students with knowledge and skills for traditional financial decisions including capital raising, evaluation of investment alternatives, financial asset investment and portfolio management, management of financial institutions, and valuation.

Programme Information

Besides the general Finance programme, a specialization in Financial Engineering is in place to provide knowledge in advanced mathematics and statistics especially for valuation of derivative securities and fixed income securities, design of structured products, as well as risk management and control for those products.

English: The Bachelor of Science in Finance at University of Macau has been recognized by the CFA Institute under its University Affiliation Program since 2012, for covering a significant portion of the CFA Program Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK), together with other eligibility requirements.

Graduates in finance have a wide variety of job opportunities, depending on their interests and acquired skills.

Graduates with general finance knowledge can work in the corporate finance departments in corporations, arranging fund raising, making investment decisions and managing risk. Besides, graduates can work as analysts in investment banks or investment managers in mutual funds or pension funds, or work in financial intermediaries such as commercial banks and investment banks.

Graduates with specialized knowledge in financial engineering can involve in highly technical jobs such as risk management and control, credit analysis, and structured products.

Some students may pursue more postgraduate programmes in finance overseas, or consider Master of Science in Finance programme provided by University of Macau. Graduates in finance can also seek job opportunities in finance – related areas, such accounting and auditing, insurance and so on.

In additional, FBA launched “2.5+2.5” Dual-degree Programme (Bachelor of Science in Finance) with Fudan University, and the purpose is to support the cultivation of top local talents for the development of Macao’s modern financial industry. The Programme adopts a “2.5+2.5” mode. Selected UM BSc in Finance Students (Local Students) will study in the UM in the first 2.5 years to obtain at least 81 credits to fulfill the requirements of BSc in Finance at UM. Students will further study in the Fudan for another 2.5 years to obtain at least 78 credits, to fulfill the graduation requirements at Fudan. If the students complete and fulfill the graduation requirements of UM and Fudan, he/she will be awarded two degrees: Bachelor of Science in Finance at UM and Bachelor in Economics at Fudan.

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