Bachelor of Science in Finance

As a leading university in Macau and a highly regarded university in the Asia-Pacific region, the Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) offers a specialized Bachelor of Science in Finance. The Bachelor of Science in Finance is a 4-year programme, covering finance, economics, mathematics, statistics and programming techniques aiming to meet employers’ rising expectations and requirements.

The programme provides students with knowledge and skills for traditional financial decisions including capital raising, evaluation of investment alternatives, financial asset investment and portfolio management, management of financial institutions, and valuation. Besides, a specialization in financial engineering is in place to provide knowledge in advanced mathematics and statistics especially for valuation of derivative securities and fixed income securities, design of structured products, as well as risk management and control for those products.

The Bachelor of Science in Finance at University of Macau is recognized by CFA Institute under its University Affiliation Program for covering 70 percent of Candidate Body of Knowledge of Knowledge (CBOK) topics for Level 1 of the CFA exams, together with other eligibility requirements.


What is Finance?

Finance is the study of the management of money. It also refers to the concepts of times, money and risk and how they are related. It includes investment, corporate finance, financial markets and financial institutions, and international finance. It deals with how to finance investments and how much risk to take. Households, companies and the public sectors all need to address these issues.


Why Study Finance?

The global financial tsunami in 2008 and the Eurozone crisis afterward show that without solid financial markets and financial institutions, modern economy cannot function. Knowledge in finance has become a necessity, more than a competitive edge in the job market. There is an increasing demand of people with good financial knowledge and experiences. Banker are among the best paid in the world.


Career Opportunities

Graduates in finance have a wide variety of job opportunities, depending on their interests and acquired skills.

Graduates with knowledge in corporate finance and financial institution can work in the corporate finance departments in corporations, arranging fund raising, making investment decisions and managing risk. Besides, graduates can work as analysts in investment banks or investment managers in mutual funds or pension funds, or work in financial intermediaries such as commercial banks and investment banks

Graduates with specialized knowledge in financial engineering can involve in highly technical jobs such as risk management and control, credit analysis, and structural products.

Some students may pursue more postgraduate programmes in finance overseas, or consider Master of Science in Finance programme provided by University of Macau. Graduates in finance can also seek job opportunities in finance-related areas, such accounting and auditing, insurance, and so on.


Major Courses

  • Applied Financial Project
  • Advanced Computer Programming
  • Advanced Financial Management
  • Advanced Financial Mathematics
  • Bank Management
  • Behavioral Finance
  • Business Mathematics
  • Case Studies in Corporate Finance
  • Computer Programming Using C++
  • Derivative Securities
  • Exotic Options and Structured Products
  • Financial Management
  • Financial Markets and Institutions
  • Financial Modeling
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Fixed Income Securities
  • International Banking
  • International Finance & Global Issues
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Money and Banking
  • Portfolio Management
  • Real Estate Investment and Financing
  • Risk and Insurance
  • Theory of Finance

*For the detailed study plan of programme, please refer to HERE.