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The Master of Business Administration Program (MBA) at the University of Macau is offered by qualified faculty members from all over the world. Our MBA is designed to provide a sharply focused business management programme for business practitioners who want to equip themselves with pragmatic skills and specialized knowledge to enhance their future career. Only skills, knowledge, and developmental activities necessary for success as a manager have been included in the core curriculum, supplemented by a wide range of electives from various business disciplines.

  • Our MBA Programme recognizes that a manager must be able to:

Understand and interpret the complex challenges in modern business environment;
Develop leadership and teamwork skills;
Demonstrate analytical and problem solving capacity;
Be aware of corporate social responsibility and ethics;
Understand the importance of service driven approach for managing the business operation.

  • Admission Requirement

Admission is open to applicants who hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in any area of undergraduate study, and can demonstrate proficiency in written and spoken English.

Applicants must have at least 3 years full-time work experience before the registration period (i.e. late August of the respective year of admission). If necessary, applicants may be required to provide the documents certifying full-time employment experience.

Other admission requirements will be in accordance with the University Admission Regulations on Master’s Degree. Please refer to the website of the Graduate School for more details.

In addition, applicants may provide us with GMAT or GRE scores for reference.

  • Medium of  Instruction

The medium of instruction in the MBA Programme at the University of Macau is English, although, on occasion, some invited guest speakers may deliver their lectures in Cantonese or Putonghua (Mandarin Chinese).

  • Course Time & Venue

The programme period is normally 2 academic years. The coursework runs for four consecutive terms, and students are expected to complete the MBA thesis by the end of 2nd academic year. Classes will be held on the University of Macau campus on weekday evenings (7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.), and on Saturday afternoons, if necessary, or on weekends for specially designated courses.

The medium of instruction of our MBA programme is English, with informal interaction in the languages appropriate to the situation. A variety of activities and exercises are designed and adopted in our courses to improve student learning performance, such as case studies, lectures, seminars, projects, teamwork and simulation. An optional field trip to visit major companies and universities in mainland China or overseas will be offered to interested students.

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For Intakes in 2019/2020 (M-B9-XXXX-X students)
For Intakes in 2018/2019 (M-B8-XXXX-X students)

MBA Alumni

As the largest and leading university in the Macau S.A.R., the University of Macau considers the provision of quality higher education in Macau one of its prime missions. The graduates of our MBA programme have achieved excellence in their career, and many of them are occupying important positions in prominent private enterprises as well as public organizations, such as Banco Nacional Ultramarino (BNU), Companhia de Electricidade de Macau (CEM), Companhia de Telecomunicaes de Macau (CTM), Institute for Tourism Studies (IFT), Monetary Authority of Macao (AMCM), Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited (ICBC), Macau Polytechnic Institute (IPM), Bank of China, Air Macau, Wynn Macau and the Venetian. Besides, a sizable number of them are working in the People’s Republic of China, which helps enlarge our MBA alumni network.

Current Student Profile

  • Number of Offer:
    2017 intake45
    2016 intake42
  • Mean Age (Years Old):
    2017 intake28.11
    2016 intake27.95
  • Average Working Experience (Years):
    2017 intake4.89
    2016 intake4.39



China: 51%
Macau: 49%


China: 57%
Macau: 31%
Hong Kong: 7%
United States: 2%
India: 2%


Male: 33%
Female: 67%


Male: 43%
Female: 57%


Public Services: 22%
Financial Service: 18%
Manufacturing and Engineering: 16%
Trading and Retail: 16%
Gaming and Tourism Related: 13%
Education: 11%
Others: 4%


Trading and Retail: 24%
Financial Service: 19%
Education: 14%
Gaming and Tourism Related: 12%
Manufacturing and Engineering: 10%
Public Services: 10%
Others: 7%


Mid-level: 44%
Front-line Employees: 31%
Professionals: 13%
Senior Management: 11%


Mid-level: 64%
Front-line Employees: 24%
Senior Management: 7%
Professionals: 5%


China: 47%
Macau: 44%
Australia: 4%
Hong Kong: 2%
Switzerland: 2%


China: 56%
Macau: 32%
Hong Kong: 2%
Japan: 2%
New Zealand: 2%
United Kingdom: 2%
United States: 2%


Business-related: 62%
Arts: 20%
Engineering: 9%
Others: 9%


Business-related: 52%
Arts: 24%
Engineering: 14%
Others: 10%