1   Application for Outgoing Exchange Program

2024/2025 1st Semester Exchange Programmes are now opened for application
(Application Period: 11 to 19 January 2024)

Please be reminded that this is the application stage only. Whether the exchange programmes of 2023/2024 1st Semester will be continued as scheduled depends on the immigration restriction or other related factors. Students should check the visa application procedures which may not be feasible due to COVID-19, before applying international programmes.

1.1 Rules for Semester-based Outgoing Exchange Programmes

Students should read through the “Rules for Semester-based Outgoing Exchange Programmes” and pay attention to the insurance and minimum enrollment requirement.

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1.2 Application Period 11 to 19 January 2024
1.3 Partner List  Click Here
1.4 Application System

Applications should be make via the Outbound Exchange and Scholarship Application System” (website:

Students can download the User Guide from the System (on the top right corner of the webpage) and follow the application procedures.


1. Hard copy or e-mail submissions will NOT be accepted.

2. Incomplete application will not be considered.

  Important Reminders!!

1.      Students are only allowed to create and submit one (1) application form in this call, with a maximum of 6 Exchange Programmes/ Study Abroad Programmes, i.e. 3 University-level Programmes (i.e. GAO programmmes) and 3 Unit-level Programmes (i.e. programmes offered by students’ own unit).

2.      Submitted application forms cannot be removed or edited. Students should check carefully all the information before submission (including the priority of your exchange preference).

3.      The application form can not be submitted if any of the selected Programmes are not within the Application Period.

4.      Student should make sure whether he/she is applying for Exchange Progrramme or Study Abroad Progeamme. Exchange Application should be created under “Outbound Exchange” while study abroad application should be created under “Outbound Study Abroad”.

1.5 Application Documents
  • Curriculum Vitae (Photo, Experience, Awards, Personal Skills);
  • Self-Graduation checking list (tick all completed courses on the self-graduation checking list form of own major);
    For self-checking purposes only; no need to submit.
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  • Study plan (with arrangement plan of own remaining courses in all remaining semesters);
    For self-checking purposes only; no need to submit.
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  • Recommendation letter from academic staff (only required if CGPA is lower than 2.5);
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  • English proficiency proof (subject to requirement of desired host institutions)
  • Other required documents in the application systems.
1.6 Outgoing Exchange Workflow Guideline for Students (Before Exchange) Download Here
1.7 Scholarship

Eligible students may apply the Outgoing Exchange Scholarship from the Global Affairs Office. For details, please refer to the following link:

2   GAO Exchange Briefing N/A
3   Outgoing Exchange Briefing TBC
4   Submission of Learning Agreement
  4.1 Required Documents:
  • Application form
Download Here
  • Official course outlines/ syllabi/ description provided by Partner School (of all courses listed on the learning agreement)
  • Course Description Form (if item 2 is not available at the moment of application)
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4.2 General Guideline of Learning Agreement Download Here
5   Application for course exemption
  5.1 Required Documents:
  • Course exemption/ waiver form
Download Here
  • Transcript x 1 photocopy (Please bring along the original copy for verification)
  • Official course description, course syllabus
  • Other relevant supporting of all overseas courses (e.g. student time table and academic calendar for calculation of lecture hours)
    (Please send the course exemption application through email to
  5.2 Guideline of Outgoing Exchange (After) Download Here
  • Other than the FBA Exchange Programme, FBA students can also apply for the Exchange Programme operated by Global Affairs Office which is open to students from all faculties. For more detailed information of the GAO Exchange programme, please click HERE.


Ms. Karen LAU (for Non-GBM Major)
(853) 8822 4628

Ms. Michelle KUAN (for GBM Major)
(853) 8822 4649