With the strong support of the Faculty of Business and Management, UMSU Finance Society successfully organized an alumni sharing session as part of the Finance Week series on April 22. Two outstanding alumni, Mr. Wai Man Keith and Ms. Li Jia Yan, who are currently working in the government and insurance industry respectively, were invited to share their experiences and insights on further studies, job prospects, and career development in the financial industry.

The sharing session was conducted in a relaxed way, allowing students to freely ask questions and engage in in-depth discussions with the alumni. The two speakers shared their experiences and advice on further studies and career development, and discussed the qualities and skills needed for a successful career in finance. This provided students with valuable opportunities to better understand the job prospects and career development directions in the financial industry, and helped them establish their future goals. Many participants expressed their gratitude for the information provided in this session.

UMSU Finance Society will continue to organize more events to provide students with more learning opportunities and platforms. At the same time, the finance society would like to express its gratitude to the Faculty of Business and Management for their strong support of this event, and looks forward to further collaboration in providing students with high-quality learning resources and services in the future.