The Faculty of Business Administration (FBA), Department of Finance and Business Economics (DFBE) organizes its mini-conference “Recent Researches in Economics” today (04/09/2019). Excellent scholars including Prof. Baomin Dong from Henan University, Prof. Jie Li from Jinan University and Prof. Bo Chen from Huazhong University of Science and Technology as speakers are invited to share their recent research outputs on the Informal Financial Institutions in China; the Property Rights Protection and Export Quality of China; and the Silver, Fiduciary Money, and the Historical Economic Performance in China.

The mini-conference is the regular academic activity organized by FBA. It reflects FBA’s emphases on academic research, cross disciplines cooperation and dissemination of knowledge. By inviting excellent researchers from reputable institutions, we are able to sustain our external connections, broaden our academic network and build up new collaborations which can bring about positive impacts on research outputs and knowledge advancement. There are over 40 faculty members and students participating in this event to discuss and exchange opinions as well as exploring new research directions.

As an extension of this event, two of the speakers Prof. Jie Li and Prof. Baomin Dong are going to give a presentation and a sharing section tomorrow (05/09/2019) with the topic “Privatization Advances State-owned Enterprises: A Theoretical Analysis of Firms’ Political Connections in Mixed Markets” by Prof. Jie Li and the theme “Advices to PHD students from the External Oral Defense Examiner” by Prof. Baomin Dong. The targets of these two activities are faculty members and PHD students. The FBA is going to organize similar academic activities which can help to upgrade the quality of our research and teaching.