Shanghai & Suzhou cultural exchange program of the university of Macau (Deadline: April. 25)

Do you want to feel the breath of the Shanghai old street, and deeply review the history in the museum, to feel the charm of modern art?
Do you want to absorb the essence of natural culture in gardens, to experience the different life of local culture?
Do you want to feel another teaching mode in Shanghai’s university, to feel academic atmosphere of Shanghai’s university?
If you want, please apply our FBASA exchange program!

Date: May 18 to 22
Place: Shanghai、Suzhou
Fee: Mop 3,200 per one(After the trip will return Mop 650).

Application time: April 15 to 25
Application object: All the students of University of Macau.(FBASA staff preferred)
Course maximum people: 35 people(First come,first served)
Registration method:
Website registration, registration link:

After the success of the registration, we will send email to you.