The Department of Integrated Resort and Tourism Management at the Faculty of Business Administration, University of Macau, was established in March 2019 and now has a total of 13 academic faculties. In just one year’s time, the department has already demonstrated great strengths in research and has made landmark contributions to the tourism and hospitality industry.

Prior to the establishment of the Department, it was only a programme in FBA with 11 academic faculties. The establishment of the Department status has provided an extraordinary platform for in-depth research in the areas of tourism and hospitality, and for more engagement in the development of the integrated resort industry.

The Department has made significant progress in research over the past years through the collective efforts of its staff and the continuing support from the university. In the past three years, its colleagues published an exciting number of 103 academic journal papers (8 papers per capita), out of which 84 were published in journals on the world-renowned Academic Journal Guide by the Charted Association of Business Schools (ABS). In particular, 42 papers (41%) were published on ABS 3 and ABS 4 leading journals that represent the top quality in the area of tourism and hospitality, demonstrating strong evidence of the department’s research excellence. Our colleagues have also received 7 research awards from international conferences, delivered numerous keynote speeches, actively shared research opinions in magazine columns, and produced professional publications with applied research. In addition, the department holds an annual “Mastering Cotai Seminar”, aiming to bridge the gap between academia and Macao’s integrated resort industry. UM has won worldwide recognition for its research achievements. According to the latest ShanghaiRanking’s Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2020 – Hospitality & Tourism Management, UM is ranked #42 globally, #8 in Asia and top 1 in Macao. This is a testament of the strength and quality of our academic research in this area.