With the recovery from Covid-19 pandemic, the Hong Kong community has become more alive and vivid. The public is calling for further coordination and plans for entertainment and activities arrangements especially for night vibes. Prof. Glenn McCartney, Associate Professor of the Department of Integrated Resort and Tourism Management at the University of Macau, was invited to participate in a discussion with other industry experts and listeners on District Councils’ plans to introduce community versions of “Night Vibes Hong Kong” on Radio Television Hong Kong’s “Backchat”.

Prof. Glenn initiated the discussion about whether the night market should be reopened or not. Experts who participated in the discussion believed that there is a trend of building up a more comprehensive overall blueprint to better coordinate diversified events; and the in-depth feasibility studies should be conducted from both the residents’ and tourists’ perspectives.

Prof. Glenn initiated the importance of entertainment event to the whole tourism industry. Meanwhile, Prof. Glenn emphasized the necessity of different factors to attract people to step out of the door at night. He suggested that the overall plan from Hong Kong S.A.R. government aims to not only attract tourists but benefit the local. He stated that the primary purpose of diversified activities and festivals should be to promote the community life of local residents, with the benefits to the tourist community seen as an added benefit. Prof. Glenn mentioned about the convenience of travelling back and forth between Shenzhen and some specific districts in Hong Kong will help the implementation of the plans of “Night Vibes Hong Kong”.