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The Master of Science in Finance Program at the University of Macau is taught by the Internationally Recognized Scholars of the Faculty of Business Administration. It is designed as a series of skill-building courses and character-broadening experiences. The intention of the program is to offer an opportunity to qualified students who also have strong mathematical background to study an advanced degree in Finance. In addition, students who are in pursuit of higher academic qualifications would be equipped with research capability.

Programme Feature:
Our focus on quantitative skills can prepare students for both work and further study. Courses will be structured and designed to link taught materials with motivation of independent thinking. There are industry related courses in areas such as banking and corporate finance, and also courses related to research methods to enhance research skills of students. We also provide Financial Technology related course, covering topics in FinTech financing, financial innovations, and etc.

Programme Objective:
This programme is designed to equip graduates with advanced knowledge in Finance for
(i) career in the financial industry or finance related section of major corporations in the commercial gaming, real estates, and insurance industries in Macao and the Greater China,
(ii) preparing the Chartered Financial Analysis (CFA) or Certified Financial Planners (CFP) professional examinations, and
(iii) competitive entry into top regional and international finance PhD Programmes.

Programme Information:

The normal duration of MSc in Finance programme would be two years for full-time students. Students are required to complete five compulsory courses, five elective courses (at least four of them should be finance electives), and project report writing within regulated timeframe for graduation. The medium of instruction in this programme is English, with informal interaction in the language appropriate to the situation and all lectures are normally held on weekday evenings.

  • Admission Requirement

Admission is open to applicants who hold bachelor degrees from accredited institutions in any area of undergraduate studies.
Applicants should have achieved the equivalent* of GPA 2.8 or above in the Bachelor’s degree studies.
*The equivalent means 75-77 out of 100.

Other admission requirements will be in accordance with the University Admission Regulations on Master’s Degree. Please refer to the website of the Graduate School for more details.

– Bachelor degrees in finance, economics, applied mathematics, applied science, statistics, computer science, engineering, or other quantitative fields are preferable.
– For this programme, an additional result of GRE or GMAT is preferable.

MSc in Finance ProgrammeLecture ScheduleTextbook Information
For Intakes on 2019/2020 (M-B9-XXXX-X students)
For Intakes on 2018/2019 (M-B8-XXXX-X students)
For Intakes on 2017/2018 (M-B7-XXXX-X students)
For Intakes on 2016/2017 (M-B6-XXXX-X students)
For Intakes on 2015/2016 (M-B5-XXXX-X students)