The University of Macau (UM) held the Open Day on 12 January, 2020. The Department of Integrated Resort and Tourism Management (DRTM), Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) organized various activities for visitors, including demonstrations at the department’s Café Laboratory (Café Lab) which is located on the 1st floor of FBA building (Room E22-1028).

With the guidance and leadership of Prof. Candy Tang, Associate Professor in DRTM, our talented students showcased their unique skills and creativity. The Café Lab was a huge success. Through this event, participants experienced how enjoyable and exciting pursuing International Integrated Resort Management (IIRM) program in UM can be.

Over 500 people including students, parents, alumni, industry partners and guests had the opportunity to enjoy barista style beverages and friendly service from IIRM undergraduate students.  Led by IIRM year 4 student Hugo FAN, who received the professional barista training and gained many coffee competition awards, creative styles of tasty coffees and teas were made fresh on order, accompanied by a choice of cake. Led by Rector Yonghua SONG, the UM senior management team took the opportunity to stop by the Café Lab to greet the student and revel in the active coffee shop. During the Open Day, the Café Lab was the “hottest” place in FBA.  It gave families and friends the opportunity to relax and chat about their experience at UM.

The Cafe Lab is an excellent example of innovative teaching and learning by blending theory with practice and reflection of entrepreneurial spirit demonstrated by FBA. In the near future, we look forward to holding more teaching and learning activities in the Café Lab.