The University of Macau (UM) held a Doctor honoris causa Lecture today on 25 March. Lee Hau Leung, honorary doctor of UM and world-renowned expert in logistics and supply chain management, gave a talk titled ‘Supply Chain Renaissance’ to discuss the great challenges and opportunities the COVID-19 outbreak has brought to global supply chain management. The talk was well attended by UM students and faculty, as well as industry practitioners and prominent members of the community.

Speaking at the event, Yu Jun, dean of UM’s Faculty of Business Administration, said that Prof Lee is known as the ‘Father of Modern Supply Chain’ in the academic community. His insights gained from his groundbreaking research and extensive experiences in business consultancy over the past four decades have shaped the theory and practice of modern supply chain management and revolutionised the business models and practices of e-commerce around the world. In addition, Prof Lee’s dedication to disseminating knowledge about modern supply chain management has had a significant influence on executives and professionals in supply chain management and global logistics in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. His contributions have been highly recognised and praised by various sectors of society.

During the talk, Prof Lee reviewed the significant impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global supply chain, as well as the escalation of global trade frictions and technological advancements. These factors have led to the emergence of new supply chain designs, enhanced management controls for resilience, and innovative business models. He presented various case studies, including the Freight Logistics Optimization Works (FLOW) initiative of the United States, the agile supply chain mechanism of Jingdong Logistics, and the flexible on-demand supply chain created by fashion company SHEIN through digitisation and internetisation, and drew on the characteristics of supply chains during the Renaissance in the 15th to 17th centuries to provide an overview of the development of global supply chain management.

Prof Lee also engaged with the audience in the Q&A and discussion session, which was moderated by Janny Leung, college master of UM’s Choi Kai Yau College.

Guests attending the talk also included Huen Wing Ming, vice chair of the UM University Council; Che Weng Keong, president of the Administrative Committee of the Science and Technology Development Fund; Vivian Lau, chair and group CEO of Pacific Air Holdings Limited; Michael Ching, director of operations (Macao) of Dr Stanley Ho Medical Development Foundation (SHMDF); Poon Kai Tik, director of operations (Hong Kong) of SHMDF; and Huang Guihai, dean of the Faculty of Business at the Macao Polytechnic University.