On November 9, Mr. Silvester Chao, Manager of Talent Acquisition, W Macau, and Mr. Crucis He, Assistant Manager of Talent Acquisition, W Macau, were invited to the campus to deliver a keynote lecture titled “Interview Skills and Current Labor Market” to undergraduate students of the Department of Integrated Resort and Tourism Management.

For students studying integrated resort and tourism management, an engaging internship is invaluable. Both guests initially sorted through the basic job application procedure for the students in order to assist the students from year 3 and year 4 to find their career direction. Every straightforward phase needs to be thoroughly refined, including goal setting, preparation, active approach with the firm, interview skills, and reflection. Mr. Silvester Chao and Mr. Crucis He also presented practical examples to help students create a powerful resume and enhance their job application skills.

In the Q&A session, two guests first listed a few common questions that students have during the job application, and the students benefited greatly from the meticulous preparation. Later, the students asked questions based on their application planning and preparation, and both guests provided patient answers. Finally, two guests used actual data on talent recruitment in the industry to demonstrate to the students the talent gap and competitive trends in the integrated resort market. They also discussed their professional routes and employment experiences. This allows students to have a greater understanding of the talent recruitment strategy in the industry, and at the same time, they can establish their own job application plan and rhythm more clearly.

Following the presentation, Fiona Yang, Assistant Professor in the Department of Integrated Resort and Tourism Management, presented certificates to the guests. In this lecture, students have the opportunity to learn from one another, explore, and improve their job application abilities during this lecture. Prior to a field internship, it also provided students with beneficial practical training.