FBA Lecture Series 077 “Emerging Issues in Person-Environment Fit and Human Resource Management in the Tourism Sector” was hosted by Prof. Yuansi HOU, Associate Professor in Integrated Resort and Tourism Management on November 3, 2023 and Prof. Yanjun Guan, was invited to deliver the seminar.

Dr. Yanjun Guan is a Professor of Management at Ningbo Nottingham University Business School, China. In this lecture, Prof. Yanjun Guan presented the focus of career management and human resource management research on Person-environment (P-E) fit and pointed out some of the problems and shortcomings of this research area. He then shared some collaborative projects to address these issues using an interdisciplinary approach, including exploring the multifaceted effects of P-E misfit on employee performance; the possibility of using the Identity-Capability-Reward (ICR) and cybernetic development models to reconceptualize P-E fit, and suggesting future directions for exploration in this research area.

Prof. Yanjun Guan’s in-depth research content benefited the participants a lot. On the one hand, it enlarged the students’ research knowledge, and on the other hand, it stimulated their interest in this field.