Solo consumption is rising: Implications to tourism researchers and practitioners

Prof. Huiling HUANG, Assistant Professor in Integrated Resort and Tourism Management

Date: 11 October 2023 (Wednesday)
Time: 13:00-14:00
Venue: E22-1029 Hospitality Lab
Moderator: Prof. Faye CHEN


Solo consumption has become one of the fast-growing global trends. People dine out, travel, or go to a movie theater alone. Given the continued rise of solo consumers, it is important for researchers and practitioners to understand this particular market segment. In this event, we will briefly introduce the drivers of solo consumption trend and solo consumers’ profiles, motivations, and constraints. Moreover, we will incorporate recent research to discuss the differences between solo and group consumers in terms of their decision-making and behaviors in service encounters. Challenges and opportunities for the solo consumption market are further highlighted. Finally, we will discuss the future research directions in understanding solo consumers.


Prof. Huiling HUANG received her Ph.D. degree in Hospitality Management from The Ohio State University. Prior to joining UM, Prof. HUANG served as the graduate instructor and teaching assistant in the hospitality management program in The Ohio State University. Her research interests focus on consumer behavior in the tourism and hospitality industries, with special interests in service marketing, technology innovations (e.g., robots and AI), solo consumption (e.g., solo travel and solo dining), and sustainable tourism. Her work has been published in the Annals of Tourism Research, International Journal of Hospitality Management, and International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research. Her work has received significant media coverage, including the Science Daily,, Science Codex, Newwise, OSU News, and other international news outlets.

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