Faculty of Business Administration (FBA, UM) hosted a seminar and boutique tour by the renowned luxury watchmaker, Panerai, on the topic “A worldwide educational campaign about sustainability in the luxury industry and the importance of the ocean” on 10 February 2023. The visit, which was part of Panerai’s worldwide educational campaign, was attended by 20 Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) students.

During the seminar, Mr. Walter Chan, Managing Director (Hong Kong & Macau) and Ms. Francesca Manfredi, Head of  Sustainability (Global) of Panerai, delivered a captivating presentation on the company’s commitment to reducing their carbon footprint, preserving marine ecosystems, and promoting responsible business practices. The students were also able to learn about Panerai’s collaboration with IOC-UNESCO —the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO, and their support for scientific research and ocean conservation programs.

Prof. Matthew Liu, professor of marketing and coordinator of the Executive Education of FBA expressed it is a good opportunity in providing a platform for the students to learn about the impact of sustainability in the luxury industry and how it can be incorporated into the production of high-end products. The seminar was a valuable educational experience for executive students, as it provided them with a deeper understanding of the importance of sustainability in the luxury industry and the role that companies can play in protecting the environment.

After the seminar, the students were invited to a tour of the Panerai boutique, where they were able to see the brand’s latest collection and learn about the production process of their watches. The executive seminar with private tour was a unique opportunity for the students to gain a hands-on understanding of the impact of sustainability in the luxury industry marketing and development.