Dear students,

Since the university life is colorful, do you want to participate in some interesting activities to enrich yourself and open your mind? The Accounting Society, UMSU, sincerely presents you a meaningful seminar. Mr. Zhu GuangLei, a CICPA, is going to share some information about taxation and his experience of working with taxation affairs to you in UM.

If you..
are interested in taxation knowledge;
want to know more about the tax policy;
want to communicate with the professionals in taxation field; or
want to consult some information with a CICPA,
then you should come and join this seminar!

Here is some information about the speaker:
Mr. Zhu GuangLei is a MBA graduated from the NanJing University, and a certified public accountant in China. He has been engaging in real estate business for 13 years, and is currently a general manager of Tax Planning Department in a real estate group and acts as a tax adviser in several real estate groups.

Don’t hesitate anymore, register now!

Venue: E31 Multi-functional Hall (1001)
Date and Time: 26th November (SAT) 15:00-17:30
Quota: 60
Language: Mandarin
Fees: Free of Charge
Target Audience: All UM students, especially business major students
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Accounting Society, UMSU
University of Macau