Recently, Associate Professor Glenn McCartney and his PhD student Lili Zhang presented at the Council for Australian Tourism and Hospitality Education (CAUTHE) conference. CAUTHE is a leading tourism and hospitality academic conference. Around 300 people attended this conference.

Associate Professor Glenn McCartney’s dissertation was entitled “Key performance indicators (KPIs) and diversification objective alignment in evaluating casino destination competitiveness: The case of Macao.”. Doctoral student Lili Zhang’s dissertation was titled “Exploring screen-induced tourism on visit intention to rural destinations. Roles of empathetic responses and thinking style.”.

Associate Professor Glenn McCartney suggested that certain KPIs are directly related to targeted outcomes, for example, which initiatives have (or have not) specifically affected the ability of tourists to stay longer, or to attract specific international tourists to Macao for the first time, and using this feedback to tailor future programs, which could be linked to other tourist behaviors, such as intention to revisit.

Associate Professor Glenn McCartney also conducted a study on Macau’s destination image, such as which specific attractions are most appealing (in terms of events, entertainment, retail, gaming, culture, etc.), and the elements that entice visitors to revisit. While there are a number of direct KPIs such as casino revenue, GDP, employment and visitor data, there are also indirect indicators such as community self-identity (e.g. organization of local events), community attitudes towards visitors, etc. The study also examined the impact of the tourism industry on the community’s image of Macau.

Prof. Glenn McCartney also published a review on the paper in the Macau newspaper “Plataforma”. For more information, please visit the following website: