Dear students majoring in accounting:

New semester begins!

Are you worried about your complicated timetable and do not know how to arrange your time?

Are you concerned when facing a long range of unfamiliar professors?

Do you have many problems about how to find a job or apply for postgraduate?

Do you know how to make a plan for your future profession?

Do not worry! Come and join Accounting Society!

There are seniors with high GPA helping you solve your problem and enroll good courses and professors.

There are seniors who have been accepted by top universities or found good job helping guide your future road.

There are also valuable chances to join in ACCA, CPA or some other accounting concerning events. You may become student ambassadors if you take an active part in it and gain more priority from these two organizations.

We will also provide news about accounting and make you run faster in your accounting study and profession road.

We held Accounting Knowledge Competition, Accounting Knowledge Display, Graduate Sharing Session, Professor Sharing Session and ACCA, CICPA accounting knowledge lectures.

Please do not hesitate! Come and join Accounting Society this big family!

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