Faculty of Business Administration

Visiting Scholar Seminar

Great Laws Always Simplify Themselves


Prof. Weihong HUANG

Associate Professor, Nanyang Technological University



In the history of science, many great and important theoretical contributions are discovered accidentally and exposed with simple form and simple proofs.  This talk intends to complement such beautiful practice by showing that how two seemly paradoxical facts in mathematics and economics: “Paradox of Growth Rate” and “Paradox of Price-taking Behavior” can be easily proved by simple mathematics with common intuitions.


Date:          19 Dec 2019 (Thu)

Time:          11:00 – 12:00

Venue:        E22-2007

A Short Biography

Prof. Weihong HUANG obtained his Ph.D in Economics from University of Southern California in 1989. He has taught at Howard University (1990-1992), National University of Singapore (1992-1998) and Nanyang Technological University (since May 1999). He is a leading expert in Nonlinear dynamical economics. Currently, he serves at the editorial boards of two international refereed journals. Prof. HUANG has published widely in leading journals of economics, mathematics and physics such as “Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization”, “Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control”, “Journal of Mathematical Economics”, “Physical Review E”, “Nonlinearity”, “Chaos” and et. al. An earlier paper based on his Ph.D dissertation and collaborated with his supervisor is reprinted in INTERNATIONAL LIBRARY of CRITICAL WRITINGS IN ECONOMICS with honor.