How Does Unemployment Discrimination Influence Job Search of the Unemployed? From an Identity Threat Perspective

Ms. Hanyu Gao
PhD Student
University of Macau

Date: 27 November 2023 (Monday)
Time: 12:30pm to 2:00pm
Venue: E22 FBA Lobby


Discrimination in recruitment has severe negative influence on job seekers. Discrimination may occur on applicants’ identity features such as age, gender, appearance, disability, unemployment status, etc. Empirical evidence suggested job seekers with unemployed status, especially those with long-term unemployment receive fewer responses. While job seekers can make strategies to overcome the anticipated discrimination, it is not clear how specific forms of discrimination may lead to specific job search activities and subsequent job search success. Using the identity threat theory as an overarching perspective, we seek to explain why experienced unemployment triggers identity threat, and how perceived threat drives job seekers to protect or restructure their threatened identity under different conditions, consequently leading to different job search outcomes.


Ms. Hanyu Gao is a first year PhD student in management in the Faculty of Business Administration, University of Macau. Her research interests include proactivity, emotion, job search behaviors, etc.

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