Dear all,

It’s our pleasure to let you know that the 1st FBA Distinguished Seminar Series 2018 will be held on 30 Jan 2018 at E22-G012 (FBA Learning Common). We are glad to invite Dr. Toa CHARM, Chief Public Mission Officer, Hong Kong Cyberport to deliver a lecture with topic FinTech: Digital Disruption to Financial Services Industry.

You are cordially invited to the FBA Distinguished Seminar Series 2018, below please find more information of the talks on tomorrow for your easy reference,

Date:           30 January, 2018 (Tuesday)

Time:          11:30~13:00

Venue:        Faculty of Business Administration, E22-G012

Short Biography of Dr. Toa CHARM

Dr Toa CHARM is the Chief Public Mission Officer (“CPMO”) the Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited.  He helps develop the company’s strategic direction and drives Cyberport’s public mission-related programs with the goal of inspiring the next generation, nurturing entrepreneurial spirit and helping local start-ups go global.  Before Dr Charm joined Cyberport, he held senior management and consulting positions from leading multinational and Chinese companies in Asia Pacific in the past 25 years including IBM, Oracle, HSBC and Kingdee.

Dr Charm holds a Doctor of Business Administration degree, a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.   He also completed senior management programs from Harvard, UC-Berkeley and CEIBS.  Dr Charm is a TDWI Certified BI Professional and has completed a AI Certification Program and a Big Data Certification Program from MIT.  



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