We are pleased to announce that the first issue of the new FBA Newsletter (Issue 26) is now available!

Faculty newsletter is an important channel for both internal and external communications. Faculty of Business Administration has been publishing three newsletters since 2019: FBA Newsletter (6 issues), FBA Research Newsletter (17 issues) and FBA e-Newsletter (2 issues). To enhance the function of FBA newsletter and enrich its contents, we are now consolidating all three existing newsletters into one single FBA Newsletter. The new FBA Newsletter will cover research, teaching and learning, service and business engagement as well as various activities and events taking place in the faculty. To maintain their continuity and recognize the excellent contributions of the former newsletters, the new FBA Newsletter will start from issue 26 (6+17+2) in June 2022. To provide timely information about ongoing faculty development to both internal and external communities, we aim to publish the FBA Newsletter on weekly basis from August when the new semester starts, and it will be published on biweekly basis in the summer. We hope that this exercise will bring the FBA Newsletter to a new height.

We deeply appreciate the support from our colleagues, friends, alumni, community and industry partners. Your comments and suggestions about our newsletter are much appreciated for its continual improvement. If you would like anything to be covered in the faculty newsletter, please let us know at fba_newsletter@um.edu.mo.

Please see the Newsletter at https://fba.um.edu.mo/faculty-news/newsletter/ to read the first issue of the new FBA Newsletter online.