Dear students,

Do you want to perform your commercial skill on an interactive platform?

Then you should not miss the 6th Chinese Undergraduates “Intelligence.Commerce” Commercial Skill Competition

This activity not only can enhance your views and improve yourselves, but also is a valuable opportunity to win the favorable awards and to have an internship.
Besides, the questions are the most representative cases. The form of the competition is relative innovative. You, who can be the representative of UMAC, should not miss this opportunity!

1ST Round: Online tests (29th March 9:00 –10:00a.m.);
2nd Round: Cases writing (1st April – 10th March);
3rd Round: Group oral defense (25th April);
The 3rd Round will be taken place on Sun Yat-sen University Zhuhai Campus. The competition organizer will pay for the transportation and accommodation costs.
* Specific rules may be varied. We will take the final announcements from the organizing committee be the accurate ones.

Language for the competition: Chinese/ English

First prize: RMB5000
Second prize: RMB3000
Third prize: RMB1000
All groups in the final will be awarded a souvenir.

If you are interested in this competition, please feel free to click on the following link for registration:
A team is formed with 4-6 people. There is no restriction on which year or profession you are.
1. Check and register on
2. Follow the official Weibo of the competition. Click “I register”:sysu-zs

Best regards,
Accounting Society, UMSU
University of Macau