University of Macau

The 5th Corporate Culture Case Analysis Competition – Macau Round


Macau Round Organizer: University of Macau Student Union• Faculty of Business Administration Student Association (UMSU•FBASA)


Dear UM students

In this complex era, business people push and compete with each other in such background, but finally leaving only bitter consequences.

Only from a concise way, companies can find back theirs essences and cores. So why not put aside the unnecessary and redundant constructions and take a simple attitude towards any obstacles you that you might face.

Concision, lies in concept and design. Google with its simple home page can stand out in the top search engines for decades.

Concision, lies in style. Muji started from nothing, adopting simple style of streamline pattern and clear sense of space to make it to the extreme.

Concision, lies in management mode. Get rid of shackles of the management pyramid. Tencent used cluster management mode, renewing flexibility and innovation from the small business.

All in all, only concision will survive in such complex circumstances and pave you the way to success. Faculty of Business Administration Student Association are going to host The 5th Corporate Culture Case Analysis Competition with the theme Concision.


Macau Round:

First prize: MOP5,000

Second prize: MOP3,000

Third prize: MOP2,000

All participants will gain 50 “SPECIAL A” and participating certificates


Schedule Overview: This competition is composed of three parts: Macau Preliminary Round, Macau Final and the Grand Final (to be hosted at Sun Yat-Sen University)


Competition Theme: ” Concision “

1. Macau Division Preliminary Round:
Registration (See Appendix for Registration Form):
1. Online registration (March 9-13, 2015)

2. Send email to

A team is a unit, with 4-6 people. In the Preliminary Round, teams will be judged on the thesis, i.e. the judges decide six outstanding finalist teams based on the analysis of each team’s paper.

Preliminary Paper Submission Deadline: March 22, 2015
(General Briefing: March 12, 2014)

Paper Format: 
(In Traditional Chinese characters or in English)
(1) Chinese: more than 1,000 words but less than 20,000 words, the small fourth word Times New Roman text, 1.5 line-spacing. (Top left corner of the cover must be marked with team name)

(2) English: more than 1,500 words but less than 25,000 words, in Times New Roman font, 12 point font, 1.5 line-spacing. (Top left corner of the cover must be marked with team name)

(3) “Paper basic information table” must be attached on Paper Cover page. (see Appendix related forms)

Papers received by: (electronic formats)
The electronic version of paper submission: send to the specified mailbox:
(File named by team name, with application form and paper basic information table)

In the Macau final will be on April 14 19:00-23:00. Each team will be judged on presentation, confrontation and scenario section, and the 2 teams winning the Macau final will then participate in Grand Final held at Sun Yat-Sen University

If in doubt, you can send an email to: