The 4th Mastering Cotai, sponsored by Sands China and hosted by the Faculty of Business Administration of the University of Macau, was successfully held at Londoner Macau on November 9, 2022, and attracted nearly 150 online and offline participants. The purpose of the event is to establish a platform for academic and industry collaboration to conduct empirical research on Macau’s and other regions’ tourism, hospitality, and gaming industries from the perspective of students. It also invites business professionals to engage in a discussion with students about the research findings and their own industry insights. This collaborative approach guarantees that the outcomes of academic research may be widely applied in business operations in addition to giving students a useful research platform. Li Miao, Head of the Department of Integrated Resort and Tourism Management of the School of Business Administration, Amy So, Associate Professor, Glenn McCartney, Associate Professor,  Lawrence Fong, Associate Professor, and other faculty members attended the event as representatives of the department.

Seven postgraduate students from the Department of Integrated Resort and Tourism Management presented their research papers on a variety of subjects, including the drivers of turnover intention of generation Z, analysis of hotel reviews during the pandemic, social media communication strategies for integrated resorts, the attractiveness of showroom entertainment within Macau’s IRs for mainland Chinese tourists. The topics selected by the students center on contemporary topics that are unique and profound and have the potential to positively affect the operation and growth of businesses in Macau’s tourism industry.

“In today’s increasingly significant response to the impact of the pandemic and the increasing demand for digitalization, our research on the current situation of tourism demand and the impetus for tourism enterprises is even more meaningful,” said Prof. Glenn McCartney in an interview with MNA Macau. We intend to develop a new market of visitors who can stay longer and spend more money on travel-related goods and experiences at Macau’s integrated resorts in the current business environment.

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