The Department of Management and Marketing (DMM) held the second joint Marketing Research Forum 2022 with ICD Business School (France) on 9th and 10th of June. Following our successful online event last year, this Forum continued to serve as an international platform for both institutions to share their insights on the latest development in Marketing research.


This year our theme is “Data Science, Digital and Responsible Marketing” and it brought together scholars and students from the two Institutions to share their research findings on topics related to the conference theme. One such topic is the use of social media influencers in affecting people’s purchase intention through the cultivation of emotional bonds between the influencers and their followers. Other papers covered the use of data science tools like machine learning and data mining to predict customer churn and facilitate a faster e-payment system. Other speakers also talked about pertinent issues in personal health data privacy as well as ecological awareness on purchase decision and loyalty of the food and transport sectors in France. The presentations stimulated a lot of questions and comments among the audience which went beyond the forum as audience exchanged contacts for further discussions.