Dear Students,

The Faculty of Business Administration is recruiting student assistant to manage, maintenance and develop the FBA social media channels. Please find detail information shown as below, for any inquiries, please contact Mr. Rex Chan at FBA office via phone 8822 4732 or email at

Recruiting Social Media Assistant for FBA – Social Media Assistant


  • Must be UM full time student
  • Graduate Student preferred but if undergraduate student who has good experience will also considered
  • Have experience in managing social media account
  • Good in both written Chinese and English
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Have photo and video-editing and production experience
  • Good organisational skills and analytical ability
  • Ability to multitask and able to work on a number of projects at once
  • Good in problem solving skills

*Required to use social media platforms such as Wechat, Facebook, IG, LinkedIn etc.  to promote FBA by posting promotional content and interacting with an existing followers base.


 Key responsibilities

Key responsibilities revolve around organising and running marketing campaigns over social media platforms (including but not limited to: Facebook, Wechat, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat) under the supervision of FBA faculty and staff. Typical responsibilities include:

  • Creating content, including text posts, video and images for use on social media
  • Promoting products, services and content over social media, in a way that is consistent with FBA’s brand and social media strategy
  • Interacting with followers and dealing with followers’ enquiries
  • Developing new social media strategies and campaigns
  • Keeping track of data and analysing the performance of social media campaigns
  • Collaborating with faculty and staff from across departments to ensure branding is consistent
  • Produce short videos by interviewing students, faculty members and/or alumni
  • Meet with FBA faculty and staff regularly to discuss the social media strategies and schedule


Expected Working Hours/Paid

  • Around 16 to 20 hours per week with maximum hours of 72 hours per month
  • MOP $66 per hour



For those who are interested, please send CV to Mr. Rex Chan on or before 1st September 2021. If applicants have samples of previously managed social media accounts, please also include the social media account links in the CV.


Best regards,
Faculty of Business Administration