At the seminar, Prof. Anne Tsui held a conversation with our faculty and PhD students about her recent book chapter on responsible leadership and responsible research. In this chapter, Prof. Anne Tsui identified three main reasons for the paucity of science-based reliable knowledge on responsible leadership. She reflected on the philosophical and the moral foundation of the responsible research and researchers, and encouraged the scientific community of business disciplines to share in the responsibility to address the grand challenges of humanity by engaging in responsible research which strives for both rigor (credibility of evidence) and relevance (usefulness of the knowledge) by addressing problems important for the local context, the global community, or both. She also illustrated how the seven principles of responsible research can be used to guide in designing studies of responsible leadership.

The conversation at the seminar was around the participants’ questions and ideas about the chapter and the topic of responsible leadership and responsible research. The participants discussed the construct and phenomenon of responsible leadership, important areas of research on responsible leadership, and how to promote responsible research in business. Prof. Anne Tsui also advised our faculty and PhD students how to join the global force for a more responsible research culture from here and now.