Bribery is one of the unethical issues that happens around us in the society. Both active and passive briberies are illegal and unethical. Knowledge in the constitution of a bribe is helpful for students to be aware of the behavior they shall avoid so they would not engage in a bribe at this moment or when they start working in the future.

Ms. Ellie Lou from the Commission Against Corruption (CCAC), Macao SAR, came to our campus to deliver the integrity message to our students in March 2021. She introduced students the Law No. 19/2009 (Prevention and Suppression of Bribery in the Private Sector) in her visits. Over 350 students from the course of Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility attended her talks and were able to gain a better understanding of the law regarding the prevention and suppression bribery in the private sector in Macao.