In 7 May, postgraduate students of IRTM7035 – Gaming and Casino Operation Management participated in an enriching and insightful field trip that aimed to deepen their understanding of service industry operations, customer service core values, and gaming management.

In order to let the students have a better understanding of the operation of an integrated resort, they visited the Galaxy International Convention Center of Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”). Under the guidance and accompanying of Mr. Matthew Kuan, part-time lecturer of Department of Integrated Resort and Tourism Management and Vice President of Gaming Development & Optimization Services of GEG, and Mr. Danny Lao, Vice President of Human Resources and Administration of GEG, the students visited the core areas of Galaxy International Convention Center, including the exhibition halls, Galaxy Auditorium, and Galaxy Arena, and gained a deeper understanding of the operation mode of its various new facilities through on-site observation and learning. During the industry-sharing session, Mr. Andy Lio, Assistant Vice President of Hotel Operations of Raffles at Galaxy Macau, also shared his insights and experience in the industry as a guest speaker. He emphasized that a quality customer service experience is the key to a company’s core competitiveness. He also eHelaborated on how to build effective customer touchpoints to significantly increase customer satisfaction. In addition, Mr. Danny Lio highlighted the importance of employee autonomy, stating that proper empowerment of staff can greatly enhance their ability and efficiency in serving customers.

After the visit, the students returned to the ISCG Gaming Laboratory (Mock Casino) of the Faculty of Business Administration. Under the demonstration and guidance of professional instructors and students with relevant experience in the industry, the students gained an in-depth understanding of the actual operation of gaming management from a first-hand perspective, and fully applied the theoretical knowledge into practice.

The field trip and hands-on experience not only enriched the students’ professional knowledge, but also provided them with valuable practical opportunities, and enabled them to have a more intuitive understanding of the operation and management of integrated resorts.