Faculty of Business Administration
FBA Distinguished Scholar Seminar
Hosted by The Business Research and Training Center


Measuring Real Behavior Going Beyond Intentions

Prof. Giampaolo VIGLIA
Professor of Marketing,
University of Portsmouth, UK

Date:       Wednesday, 8 December 2021
Time:     3:30 pm
Format:   Online via Zoom

Deadline for Registration: 5/12/2021



In research it is important to test cause-effect relationships. Most of these relationships however are measured in artificial settings, and we need a leap of faith to believe that participants’ stated intentions will translate into actual behavior. For example, with respect to the so-called “green products”, consumers state that they are willing to pay more for them but these intentions rarely translate into real behavior looking at their real purchase behaviour in supermarkets.

In this talk we discuss how to design different types of experiments with enhanced behavioral realism. I will present several applications and illustrate practical issues such as the appropriate sample size, how to measure underlying mechanisms and which can be the best outcome variable for your study.


Giampaolo Viglia, Ph.D, is Professor of Marketing at the University of Portsmouth, UK. His current research deals with pricing, revenue management, consumer decision-making and field experiments. He has published his research in leading journals, such as the Journal of Retailing, the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, the Journal of Service Research, International Small Business Journal and the International Journal of Research in Marketing. Giampaolo serves as the Associate Editor of Annals of Tourism Research and the Editor-in-Chief of Psychology & Marketing.