On 27 April 2024, MBA students from the Business Consultancy Methods course conducted project presentations to senior management executives from the Macao Newland Technology Co., Ltd. (澳门新大陆万博科技有限公司). This project presentation session marks the completion of a series of executive-student interactions (including project kick-off meeting, face-to-face consultation session and final project presentation).

During the project presentations, student groups examined real business issues and proposed solutions to the senior management team. Students also responded to questions from the industry experts in the Q&A session. After student presentations, company executives provided valuable feedback to students. The senior management executive team from the Macao Newland Technology Co., Ltd. includes:
Ms. Luo Qimeng (Head of Digital Technology Department)
Mr. Zou Changhua (Head of B2B Cross Border E-commerce)
Mr. Lin Junwei (Head of Technology Development)
Ms. Xu Jiexian (Head of Project Management)

Towards the end of the session, Ms. Luo Qimeng (Head of Digital Technology Department) gave a concluding remark of this company-based project. She acknowledged the efforts and achievements of the students, and provided encouraging remarks for their future careers.

The meeting ended with a certificate presentation ceremony. Prof. Grace Ho and Mr. Lu Weijie (MBA class representative) presented the thank-you certificate to Macao Newland Technology Co., Ltd. Student teams also presented the certificates to their respective industry advisers.