6th November – 30th November, 2023

Major Declaration Briefing will be scheduled on 01 /11/2023 at 15:00, the venue is E22-G013

Target: For C2 intake GBS22 students with Cum GPA1.8 or above and students who transferred to GBS in the previous academic year.

General Business Studies

  • For students who want to gain knowledge in business without being constrained by a major

Students will be automatically assigned to General Business Studies if they

  • Do NOT have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 after the final examination of this semester
  • Do NOT declare their majors (submission of incomplete major declaration form / major declaration form is not submitted)

Major Declaration Requirement

Requirement of Major in Business Economics, Global Business Management, Human Resource Management and Marketing: Minimum cumulative GPA (cum GPA) 2.0 in 1st semester 2023/2024

Requirement of Major in Financial Controllership: Minimum cumulative GPA (cum GPA) 3.0 in 1st semester 2023/2024

  • Complete Major Declaration Form (FBA/Form/005) https://www.um.edu.mo/fba/fba_office/application_forms/form005.pdf
  • Prioritize your choices
  • Rank all majors from 1 to 6 as instructed
  • Submit the form during major declaration period; please submit to FBA General Office (E22-G031) during office hours or Drop-off box outside FBA General Office during non- office hours on or before 30 November 2023

Final Result of Major Declaration

  • Major will be assigned with reference to your cumulative GPA till this semester (i.e. academic results of this semester will be counted).
  • Students who select certain major as their first choice will be entertained with priority in that area. Other students who declare it as second choice and so on will only be considered if there is/are free seat(s) left.
  • If the number of students who declare a specific major as first choice exceeds the major’s quota, students with lower cGPA will be looped to other choices according to stated priority, subject to the remaining quota of each major.
  • Students with cumulative GPA of 2.0 or beyond after the final examination of this semester AND have submitted COMPLETED major declaration forms will be assigned to a major according to their declaration. Otherwise, they will be assigned to General Business Studies
  • Final result will be posted on FBA e-notice board in early January 2024.

Transfer of Major

For students who later think the chosen/assigned major is not suitable for them, they can apply for transfer of major during the relevant application period.

Each student can only change their major/programme once during their studies in UM. Please refer to Registry homepage regarding the criteria and application period.