Prof. Glenn MCCARTNEY, Associate Dean (Curriculum and Teaching) and Associate Professor in Integrated Resort and Tourism Management and MSc in IIRM student Ink Chufeng WANG (汪楚風) were invited to share their opinions in the article entitled “Macau’s medical tourism pitch potential” at P. 74 & 75 on Macau Business November issue 2023.

Article sharing:

High-end medical tourism has been put forward to develop and promote Macau. It was officially embedded as government policy in the city’s “Second Five-Year Plan” in 2021. Much has been discussed on the prospects and challenges in promoting “medical+tourism” in Macau. As a niche tourism sector. There are obstacles to address, chief amongst these is combining and reaching consensus between the medical and hospitality professions and required resources.

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(P. 74 & 75)